Thursday, May 11, 2017

VIx is bullish 16th 17th???

May 16th -17th  on watch cycle!
Disclaimer: For fun and games use with your own work.
Short Term trading.
The week of May 15th to 19th or option expiration week with Oex as the lead group.
Using my color day pattern I see Monday down with Tuesday and Wed  as big rally days.
You should know by Monday close where we are going.

This is based on a cycle  ( my hidden cycle ) , of course with cycles it could
invert  IE: Tuesday Wed down big.

Read more about color days on this web site search delta-phenomenon.
Not a member noted as a courtesy only.

The Vix and the top. I will attach the csv data for the vix showing the low vix of 9.97 both in Nov and Dec 2006 or 223 trade days to the top in 10-11-2007. The vix at that point in time was 18.xx. If you measure it from the Dec 06 low then less trade days but still a long way from a top
There is no top near with vix this low! Look for the top  in 2018. Will offer more later.
Jerry O
oops no data files aloud.

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