Sunday, November 27, 2011

Target Spx 1020+/- 20

Day 5 of bear market.
This chart is not my buy/sell setting look at other posts. If this is 2008 action, then the drops will pick up speed.
On this chart I have days labeled as a reference could be 1T day off.
In May 1345 to Jun 1258 or (7%- 87-points)
June 1347 to Aug 1101 (18%-246 points)final was (21% -273 points to 1074) ....
Now Oct 1292 to Nov so far (10%-1158) but expect it to go to (21%- 1020) BTW 21% was very common in 2008.
Happy Holiday's

This 1020 by year end.

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